French Omelette Spring Roll Style

I promise you this.

Do not be deceived. As the fluffiness slides down your throat, in time, you will sweat like a pig.

You have been warned.

Break 3 eggs and whisk them rapidly with a fork. Ensure you don’t touch the base of the bowl. Let the air flow into it.

Heat up a pan on medium to high flame. Just before it starts fuming, drop in a dollop of unsalted butter.

Let the butter melt around the entire pan.

Once it stops sizzling, empty the contents of the bowl into it.

Here lies the trick.

Cooking the eggs on high flame. And not letting it rest.

At first, hold the pan steady while you keep whisking the middle of the omelette with the back of the fork.

In the next 10 seconds, once the edges become firm, toss the pan in a back-and-forth fashion while you keep whisking the inside of the omelette until it turns to something akin to scrambled eggs.

Turn off the flame. Smooth it down with the fork. Sprinkle it with a pinch of salt and grounded pepper. Start rolling it from one side till the end.

Now, cut it into equal pieces (if you want to).

Garnish with a bit of chopped green chilli and some more pepper.

And there you have it.

You can add cheese if you want. But it would be for the best if I leave the rest to you.

I take my leave for now.


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