Chilli Potatoes with Kaji Nemu Garnish

I am not sure I can make this any more.

We all have reasons, don’t we? I have one. But we are not going back there. Maybe never.

And yes, it’s potatoes yet again.

And it was how the old me would have made it. Under the blistering heat for 3 straight hours.

Wash and peel 6 potatoes. Make evenly sliced wedges out of them. Par-boil in salted water. 3 minutes is fine.

Dab the excess water out of them. Prepare a mixture of cornflour starch and crushed black peppercorns. Put the wedges into the mixture.

Now, heat some oil in a pan on a medium to high flame. Dump the wedges into the hot oil. Let it gain a crisp golden texture. Take it out from the pan and dab out any excess oil. Let it air-dry for 5 minutes at least.

Cut and dice and chop.

Into onion petals and 3 tomatoes and 8 garlic cloves.

All in the same sequential order.

Heat up 4 teaspoons of cooking oil in another pan and chuck in the onion petals and the tomatoes and sprinkle some of the garlic.

Let them dance around in the pan till it turns into a glazed shade.

Add in a generous amount of schezwan sauce (I usually use hot red chilli paste) and flip-flop them in high heat. Till the sauce gains mass from the onions. Till it becomes very thick.

Add the fried wedges, and repeat the same process.

Sprinkle in the rest of the garlic and toss them. All around.

Do not let them rest.

Once you are satisfied with the dance,  squeeze some lime on top.

Garnish with a piece of (kaji/Assam lemon) and a chopped stalk of spring onion.

And that is it.

No more of this. But it would be amazing if you could add any twist to it.

Hereby, I declare my Eternal Love to Kaji Nemu!


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