Just Some Aloo Wedges

Now, this is really simple. Some may call it a gimmick.
It’s merely to seduce the uninitiated towards the joys of cooking.

Thoroughly wash and peel 3-4 potatoes. Cut them in half and slice them into equal-sized wedges.

Heat up some cooking oil on medium flame and drop in two red chillies. That will intensify the spiciness. Ooohh..

Now, shallow fry the wedges until they turn a shade of light golden brown.

Put them aside and dab out any excess oil.

In another pan, toast some coriander seeds until the heavenly herb smell emanates from them. Grind them thoroughly. Completely.

Now, heat up the same oil again..this time on high flame. Sprinkle the goodness of the coriander seeds into it, and dump the wedges yet again. Add salt as desired.

This time, it won’t take much time to gain the crunchy texture.

I really don’t see any point in adding cornflour powder, since good potatoes are high on starch.

Drain the oil out of the wedges, put them in a bowl and garnish with roughly hewn coriander leaves. Add chopped onions as well, if you want to give it a desi touch.

And that is it. Leave your thoughts down below. Do tell me if you could derive any new concoction out of it.



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