Scrambled Eggs & Crust Heaven

What do you do when you hit a snag post 1 am, and you still have work left?

You scrounge in the kitchen, looking for a quick-fix meal.

Maybe that slice of bread and some chocolate syrup would do?

And then, toss the crusts out into the bin, as you walk back. Aah..momentarily satisfied.

Let’s just rewind it for a bit.

Now, let’s imagine that you are even more ravenous than me post work hours.

You assort the crusts in a symmetrical fashion and carefully pad them out. Just to get rid of the free-flowing bread particles.

I will pretend I did not say that.

Put a dollop of butter onto a heating pan and swing it around till you reduce it to a semi-slosh state.

Chuck the crusts on to the pan, and stir fry it on a low to medium flame. Just a bit would do.

Transfer the contents. Make sure they are still on the crispy side.

The pan is not done yet. Add another dollop of butter.

Now, chop a carrot into thin slices and then slowly add them to the pan. Let it obtain a shiny glaze, and crack 3 eggs over it and let it flow.

Yes, yolk included!

Mish-mash and stir them thoroughly till the eggs turn golden. Add just a teensy bit of salt and pepper. By now, the sweetness of the carrot must have penetrated the scrambled eggs.

Optional: I prefer to use chopped green chilli as garnish.

Let the contents settle down at the bottom of the bowl, and arrange the crispy crust around it till it reaches the edge.

I vote for the pyramid formation!

Make some unique shapes of your own and then tell me all about it!

Twirl! Twirl! Twirl!


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