Lazy man’s Shakshouka

All you need is…

4 onions, 6 ripe tomatoes, 6-8 cloves of garlic, lots of chilli powder and 3 eggs

I will just assume you have the cooking oil.

Finely chop and dice the onions and tomatoes till they are small as the gravel right from the aquarium. Peel and crush and chop the garlic.

Keep them separate.

Next, heat up the pan and pour 2-3 teaspoons of oil. Let it slightly heat up and then slowly add the onions and the garlic.

Did I mention you should always cook on low flame? No? Ok then.

Toss them slightly. Let it caramelise till the point where they seem crunchy. Add all the tomatoes and juices on top of it.

Watch the billowing steam rise up further. Toss and mix them well till the tomatoes dissolve. Add salt as required.

In normal circumstances, I would have asked you to buck up and get harissa paste from the nearby supermarket. It is a kind of north African spice. And this is a middle Eastern dish.

But we are not troubling ourselves over the delicate intricacies.

So, add 4-5 huge tablespoons of chilli powder once everything dissolvesĀ into a red paste.

Caress the mix and let the powder find its home. Here and there. Watch it burn, mature and melt into the red hot mix.

Now, finally make three small pockets within the mix, and swiftly crack your eggs on top of it. Yolk and whites.

Once you have covered each one of the pockets, cover the pan and let it steam for 30 seconds.

And that is it! I will again assume you have some black pepper. Crush and garnish.

Funny how the world runs mostly on assumptions.

Now, improve on my ways and tell me more about it.



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