The leather-clad soldier looks down upon his brother-in-arms with a blank gaze, as he pushes him down the ditch. As the other man’s senses slowly fade out, it becomes obvious to him that his fate is sealed. But there is no pleading for mercy in this situation, for his still eyes gaze upon the armored man out of curiosity. For he was one whom the folk had counted upon; their golden prodigy! But before the man’s failed life miserably comes to a close, he comes to a horrifying conclusion as the other returns his gaze- this destruction wrought upon them was not the doing of a madman; rather something done out of base understanding. That in fact, there was no saving them.

Palaver has been accepted for the July 2017 issue in Down in the Dirt magazine. I have added the link down below.

All you got to do is search for my name in the list of writers. That easy!!

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