Have you ever run through the edges of a paper? Even with a consistent line, you seem to lose ground towards the end. There is absolutely nothing. The paper itself falls short in its own vigor. As we head towards a destination, the disillusionment gradually seeps in, even in the times when we are well assured of ourselves. To explain all of this to you, I might as well use my name-card. But putting that aside, how can one not be entranced by the lusty pathways just beside that lake. But if I am to be believed, isn’t that already apparent to you? And with the numerous elevations that we have come through, there is no such fictional piece that I have told to you. As we go on, you might as well have to trust my word as the gospel.

This short story has been published in the motivational anthology, Hope Reborn by Lab Academia.

The Amazon link has been added down below for those interested.

Otherwise, you can just browse through more of my stuff. 🙂 (sorry…my hands are tied. no freebie!)

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