In a tribe, where the successor(the warrior princess) goes missing…….rumours flash around of a mythical creature behind the incident. The bereaved leader takes up arms, goes in search of her towards the place(where the creature was sighted), with the best of his kin. He finds no clue of her in there. He returns and sees his village besieged by enemy tribes.
He escapes as a rogue, rather than attempt to ward off the invasion. faced with a tough choice- whether to protect his men or save his life. Filled with regrets, he seeks out alliances, and goes back to overthrow the invaders. He succeeds, but at the cost of large amount of deaths within the village. Besides that, rumours of a missing warrior princess being regarded as a co-conspirator in the invasion was the public word now. Burdened with rebuilding the tribe which had begun to show hostility to his lineage, he proceeded on to find the truth behind his daughter’s fate.
The princess, being gagged in an unknown place….attempts to escape…but is held down by large forces of armies. As she is readied for a public execution, she reminisces about the mental conflicts she has had for years…..her numerous attempts to live up to the expectations of her father. As soon as she readies her mental fortitude for her final moments, the enemy platoons are stirred by her father’s counter-attack. In the confusion, she escapes and kills the enemy leader.
In her attempt to join her people, she is attacked by them in the name of bad blood. Leaving her no choice, she slaughters the attackers, only to find her father as her opponent. She tries to explain everything to him, but the frenzied man, being horrified with the massacre, duels with her and defeats her. Realizing that the people now would never come to know about the actual enemy, she puts herself in the same position and urges her father to deliver the finishing blow. A slash!!….both the father and daughter….being oblivious as to who stabbed her….!!….She collapses in his arms….and whispers to him that she had always tried to be the embodiment of a true warrior in his eyes. As he comes to know about the actual events, he acknowledges her by saying that ‘she had already surpassed his expectations’.

This was one of my early attempts at writing fiction. I have no intention of discarding it. Being one of the early story drafts for a game, it remains amateurishly unpolished till date.

Also, the cover image has been borrowed from Pallav Sinha’s works with due permission.

Browse through his artworks at



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